2Four takes ownership of his spirit


In the mid 2000s, award-winning product developer and American entrepreneur, Garrett Green, became inspired by the success of French–luxury vodka brand, Grey Goose Vodka after selling to Bacardi Ltd for $2 billion a few years earlier, and began pondering why the market didn’t have an iconic American–luxury vodka brand equivalent. Using his product development experience, and tenacious entrepreneurial spirit, he decided to pursue the rare opportunity of entering the 70+ billion a year distilled spirits market to create just that. In 2012, ONE ROQ was born.

In 2016, ONE ROQ abandoned the industry mold, transformed its brand philosophy and redeveloped its business model with the introduction of ONE ROQ Vodka Club (ORVC) – a category-pioneering lifestyle platform offering consumers the authentic luxury experience of brand ownership, and the genuine lifestyle privileges that come with it.

By joining ONE ROQ, consumers embrace a new authentic standard of spirit consumption, all while uniquely rewarding themselves through the inherent benefits of their ownership in our rising American-luxury spirit. In 2018, 2Four took the plunge and decided to take ownership of his spirit. Ownership has its privileges and 2Four looks forward to what the future can bring with ONE ROQ. Join 2Four and escape the ordinary and own your spirit. Click here for more information https://oneroqclub.com/

William Conwell