2FOUR releasing brand new single, “We Up”


2FOUR is a hip-hop artist based in Nashville, Tennessee. His sound blurs the lines between classic hip-hop influences and modern R&B tone, inspired by artists like Chris Brown, Kanye West or Drake, only to name a few. Recently, 2FOUR announced the release of a killer brand new track titled “We Up.” The lyrical flow of his tracks is energetic and spontaneous, an obvious sign that this rapper is actually genuinely connecting with his flow, in a much deeper way. One of the most amazing things about this release is its astonishing consistency. From the bass tones down to the adlibs and the vocal delivery, everything is spot-on. “We Up” is just as upfront and unique as the title of this track might imply, and 2FOUR really hit the mark with this one. This is a song that sounds modern, yet warm and punchy.

William Conwell