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the Diabetes Awareness Tour 

The Diabetes Awareness Tour is a music event which showcases the talent of up-and-coming artists who have some sort of experience with diabetes. Either they have the disease, have a friend or relative battling the disease or loss someone to the disease. Each artist performing will share a story, fact and/or possibly a song shedding light and awareness about diabetes and some of the day to day battles and successes. We are looking to have a comedian and/or DJ to host the event with three artists performing for about twenty minutes each. The entire show will last about an hour and thirty minutes. We would like to set up a information table with pamphlets and brochures as well as
donation bins. The money raised will go to diabetes research to assist in finding a cure. We will also have different giveaways and a meet and greet with the artists if time permits.  If you or someone you know would like to participate or you know a college or university that would be interested please contact William Conwell at juggernaut24entertainment@gmail.com.  



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